The Estonian Open Air Museum in the suburb of Rocca al Mare is the perfect place for a walk in the midst of history and greenery.

Here you’ll find farmsteads and windmills characteristic of Estonia’s rural roots. The old stone and timber facades make a great backdrop for photos and will serve as a reminder for years to come of the rich history enshrined in the place.

The museum is laid out like a series of villages, and as you walk from one to another you’ll forget all about the hustle and bustle of the city beyond. The grounds are situated right on Tallinn Bay. You can get a cup of tea at the old tavern and then try out the village swing. There’s an authentic (and tiny!) timber church to take a look at, and a village school house.

The museum is a great place for walks and for photos with the kids. If you’re lucky you might even encounter some sheep and horses! Please note that the cost of the photo session doesn’t include admission to the museum. For ticket details see The Estonian Open Air Museum